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February 19, 2017
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Watch as I make$275 in 2 minutes?in front of your very eyes!

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Step Number One

Click on the image below in order to go to Cedar Finance trading platform.

Open Account

Step Number Two

Fill in the form and open your trading account. Check below to see an example.

Fill form

Step Number Three

When the form is filled out, just click Open Account.

Fill form



Let me explain in detail how you should use the system.

Step Number One

Click on the Trade tab, then find EUR/USD, check the Traders’ Choice column in order to pick the right trading direction e.g. if you see that more traders trade up, you also should trade up.

Fill form

Step Number Two

Chances for winning: 57.4%. Go to Turbo tab. First, choose EUR/USD in the box above the chart, then choose your investment amount. And finally choose your trading direction by clicking either Above (meaning up) or Below (meaning down). Now just click Buy and wait for the outcome.

If your trade is successful, go to step 1 again. If you lose a trade, go to step 3.

Fill form

Step Number Three

Chances for winning: 79.1%. Click the Trade tab again and check if the Traders’ Choice column didn’t change. Once you know in which direction you should trade, go back to Turbo and open another trade, this time your investment should be bigger in order to cover for the amount you’ve lost in the last trade.

If your trade is successful, go to step 1 again. If you lose a trade, go to step 4.

Fill form

Step Number Four

Chances for winning: 98.9%. Do the same as in Step 3 but this time your investment amount should be $500 in order to cover for $100 and $200 losses. Does it sound too good to be true and way too easy? In fact it’s just a little more complex than you might expect, in order to make it all work you need to follow some rules as well.


Adhere to the rules below to increase your chances for success.

Rule #1

If the Traders’ Choice column indicates that both directions are traded with the same or almost same (even 2% difference) popularity, don’t trade - it’s too risky. The direction should be obvious in order for you to place any trades.

Rule #2

You need to remember to trade quickly, there is no time to waste – markets fluctuate very quickly. Try to trade in the same pace as I do in my video.

Rule #3

Once you choose your trading direction, try to stick to it until you win. Changing the direction in between 4 steps might affect your chances for winning.

Rule #4

Every time your trade is successful and before you enter another one remember to check the Traders’ Choice column.

Let’s get started!

Open Account
Kevin Jacobsen, Los Angeles “I had my doubts about this method. It seemed too easy, and you know what they say about anything that seems too good to be true. However, I soon learned that this method really is everything it claims. I became increasingly satisfied with the results as I watched my initial capital investment grow. As a matter of fact, my initial capital actually tripled in a short amount of time, and there’s no way I would ever have achieved that level of growth with a standard savings plan. This method is unique and effective. As a matter of fact, it works so well that I’m considering making it my primary source of income.” Kevin Jacobsen, Los Angeles
Olivia Keller, London “I have always thought of investing, but I thought the global market was too complicated and way too risky for my simple style. However, I had a good feeling about this system. I started using the method and was seeing results in a matter of days! Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, and this plan is proof of that. The real deal, I saw my money grow by more than 400 percent in just over a month! I never dreamed these kind of earnings were possible, and I’m so glad I found this system. I only need to do a few trades a day, so it also doesn’t take up a lot of my time. I would highly recommend this system to anyone trying to make a higher return.” Olivia Keller, London
Peter Mazurek, Odessa “I knew that my retirement account was a little low, so I wanted to increase my investment earnings. I managed to free up a small amount that could be invested, but I lost it when I tried my own trading system. Then I found this method and decided to take a chance on it. I was getting desperate and starting to feel like I had nothing to lose. I was amazed when I doubled my investment in only two weeks. Following the guidelines set forth in the plan, I finally managed to increase my retirement savings.” Peter Mazurek, Odessa
Elizabeth Hannigan, Limerick “I am so pleased with this system. I knew it would work within the first 10 trades, and I cannot believe how easy it is to use. My investment tripled in less than a month, and I look forward to reinvesting my profits and watching my income grow.” Elizabeth Hannigan, Limerick
William Adler – Cologne “I have dreamed about investing money in stocks for years, but I was scared to try. A friend told me about this plan, and I so thankful he did. I only have a few hundred to start with, but I doubled that investment in the first day! The system is so easy, and I am anxious to invest even more and increase my returns." William Adler – Cologne

Earnings of €640 in one session

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Earnings of 720 in 10 trades

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